The South Wing of the Villa is an ideal space for conferences or lectures, in a refined environment with large windows overlooking the water lily pond and the park.

Loto Room and Ninfea Room are two bright rectangular rooms located in the southern part of Villa Pontiggia. If considered as a single space, the two rooms have an L shape. They are enriched by a precious parquet floor and large windows overlooking the water lilies and the lotus flowers of the pond. The park is easily accessible from both rooms.



Due to its size, the Ninfea Room is particularly suitable for small conferences. Its configuration also allows for a seminar setting with 10 (12) tables. When combined with the Loto Room its versatility becomes maximum. The room is equipped with a beamer and a ceiling projection screen, already included in the room rental.

m²: 74,00
LxL: 4,5 x 16,5 m   |   h: 2,6 m



The Loto Room is particularly suitable for coffee breaks and small aperitifs, poster sessions for events taking place in the Ninfea Room.

m²: 36,00
LxL: 10,7 x 3,6 m   |   h: 2,6 m