Sale LxL h
Giardino d’inverno 37 6 x 6,2 m 3,5 m 12
Magnolia 27,65 3,5 x 7,9 m 2,5 m 18
Loto 36 10,7 x 3,6 m 2,6 m
Ninfea 74 4,5 x 16,5 m 2,6 m 50
Orchidea 47,3 8,6 x 5,5 m 3,15 m 18
Peonia 17,75 5,3 x 3,35 m 3 m 10
Rododendro 29,95 4,1 x 7,3 m 3 m 16
Parco 5’000 50

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Giardino d’Inverno

The Giardino d’Inverno, with its round table, is a unique room, where to work efficiently while enjoying a feeling of well-being by contemplating the park beyond the large windows. The thatched roof, the terracotta floor, the circular shape and the plants make it a perfect place for workshops, business meetings, team building, networking or standing lunch and aperitifs.

m²: 37,00
LxL: 6 x 6,2 m   |   h: 3,50 m



The Magnolia Room is located on the first floor and offers a magnificent view looking down at the garden and the water lily pond below. The arrangement of the solid wood English style table is fixed and can accommodate up to a maximum of 18 people. The cosy and elegant atmosphere makes it an ideal room for meetings.
Free coffee and tea service are available for guests. The room has a small covered terrace for breaks.

m²: 27,65
LxL: 3,5 x 7,9 m   |   h: 2,5 m



The Loto Room is particularly suitable for coffee breaks and small aperitifs, poster sessions for events taking place in the Sala Ninfea.

m²: 36,00
LxL: 10,7 x 3,6 m   |   h: 2,6 m



Due to its size, the Ninfea Room is particularly suitable for small conferences. Its configuration also allows for a seminar setting with 10 (12) tables. When combined with the Loto Room its versatility becomes maximum. The room is equipped with a beamer and a ceiling projection screen, already included in the room rental.

m²: 74,00
LxL: 4,5 x 16,5 m   |   h: 2,6 m



Located in the North Wing of the Villa, the Orchidea Room is spacious and bright and offers various configuration possibilities. This room is interconnected with the other rooms on the ground floor. Due to its position to the surrounding rooms, it is well suited for presentations or interactive workshop that requires large space.

m²: 47,30
LxL: 8,6 x 5,5 m   |   h: 3,15 m



Peonia is the smallest room in Villa Pontiggia and like the Magnolia Room has a fixed solid wood table. Natural light is guaranteed by the internal window that overlooks the Rododendro Room with a large window overlooking the park. This room is suitable for small meetings or can be used as a breakout room.

m²: 17,75
LxL: 5,3 x 3,35 m   |   h: 3,00 m



The Rododendro Room has open spaces on the adjacent rooms and is therefore ideal as a room for workshops, small conferences and meetings. Thanks to the large windows it is illuminated by natural light and offers a splendid view of the park.

m²: 29,95
LxL: 4,1 x 7,3 m   |   h: 3,00 m



The Park in front of the Villa creates numerous spaces that are suitable for outdoor aperitifs or exclusive events around the pool, in a beautiful subtropical botanical setting.

m²: 5’000